new!  TBM, black/brown, white speckling

new! TBM, black/brown, white speckling

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Take the Bolso Monedero to Disney, to the grocery store, on date night, as a gift for your mother-in-law (if she's cool) - it's the perfect size to grab the essentials and git!

  • one side short black/brown hair with white speckling - and it's so shiny!
  • one side chocolate brown leather
  • long, brown leather strap
  • brown liner, three pockets, one zippered

Holly, my sister, and I are #lowbudgetmodels, holding two of these fabulous bags.  I am frequently (actually, never) asked about this blue skirt/tube top.  Purchased from QVC in 1998.  I don't think they still sell it.  #QVCdress