new!  TBM, tri-color

new! TBM, tri-color

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Take the Bolso Monedero to Disney, to the grocery store, on date night, as a gift for your mother-in-law (if she's cool) - it's the perfect size to grab the essentials and git!

  • one side short hair with brown, blonde and touches of black - so perfect!
  • one side soft chocolate brown leather
  • long, brown leather strap
  • zippered closure
  • brown fabric liner, three pockets, one zippered

My friend Tracie is my #lowbudgetmodel, holding one of the Bolso Monederos.  She's adventurous, smart, fun and is up for anything!  Except we have boys who play soccer.  So maybe next month?  Oh wait it's tourney season.  December 2018?  Let me know, Tracie.  #momsofsoccer #wehavenolife