new!  TBM, Black/white splotched with natural blemish

new! TBM, Black/white splotched with natural blemish

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Take the Bolso Monedero to Disney, to the grocery store, on date night, as a gift for your mother-in-law (if she's cool) - it's the perfect size to grab the essentials and git!  You'll receive one of these three amazing purses - all of which sport the following terrific specs:

  • one side short, black & white speckled cowhide with naturally occurring blemishes (scarring) - super unique!
  • one side smooth, charcoal black leather
  • black leather strap
  • zippered closure
  • black fabric liner, three pockets, one zippered

If one of these bags really speaks to you more than the others, feel free to contact us and we'll make every effort to get that specific bag to you.  However, all are equally AMAZING and can't wait to go home to you!

My workout partner, 83-year old Frank, is my #lowbudgetmodel.  He was in the Foreign Service in the 50s, then toured the world as a page turner for a French flautist, then was an adman on Madison Ave in NYC.  Despite this outstanding resume, his favorite story is about Elizabeth Taylor coming to his high school prom in LA.  Modeling my purse, he proclaimed it was "really ugly."  Ah, that jokester.  #BeFrank  #whatafunnyguy